5 Steps to Get Back to ME!

Back to school and back to basics!!

Why do we have to set New Year’s resolutions every January? Well, I’m setting some right now. I had a fun summer (still having it) but with school buses out, kids getting back into routine, I want and need to get back into routine too. I have felt sluggish and not “Me” so I know that if I eat right and exercise, I feel better.  We get off our schedule; it happens;  it’s normal;  it’s ok. But we need to know how to get back on track and back to our basics. So whenever I feel like that, this is what I do so I don’t stray too far!

  1. “What are what we eat.”  It is so true and this is where I start. We are fueled by what we consume. I start my day with luke warm lemon water to detox all that summer rose and get back to eating colorful meals full of vegatables and fruits.
  2. Get back to class!! We work so hard and it is so easy to “lose”it but our bodies remember quickly. Take class and remember you can always modify until you get back to where you were.
  3.  Work through the soreness. We may be too sore to walk, sit and do any regular activity, but I am a true believer that of I take a class the next day or day after that first workout, I feel so much better. Just do it!
  4. Get your sleep! All summer we stay up later and have extra fun but go ahead and cut out that last half hour of TV and just turn off the light! Yes, I am a night owl and we like to watch reality TV at night…I’m  done! 9:30, it is bed time! So if you get a text or slack message from me after 9:30…tell me to go to bed! Ha!
  5. Drink water! That’s it! it is simple and again, just do it!!

So cheers to getting back to basics and back to routine.

Sharing Barre Love,

Orlee and Team

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