Barre + Beyond is a boutique fitness studio specializing in Mind Over Matter Method, known as M3, a signature barre technique formulated for all stages of a female’s life. This challenging yet safe total body workout melds the best from Ballet, Pilates and Stretch Conditioning and is modifiable for all fitness levels. Set to upbeat music, each exercise series includes specialized movements coupled with complementary stretches to strengthen and sculpt the upper body, lower body and core. By targeting individual muscle groups, this unique workout not only builds strength and tone but also creates a long lean physique, a physique much desired by women of all ages.

The studio also offers classes beyond Barre to include Pilates, Stretch, and fusion classes.



Orlee has always had a love of ballet and fitness, studying at prestigious institutes such as American Ballet Theatre and School of American Ballet in New York City.  Out of college, she had a professional career in sales and marketing, while ballet and fitness were a struggle to maintain.  Then, on her yearly trip to NYC, she attended her first “barre” class.

“Barre” is an exercise technique that was once exclusively the toning method of choice and best–kept secret among New York celebrities, models and dancers. Orlee was immediately hooked! When a studio opened in Baltimore, she became a dedicated barre student not only for the physical benefit but also the mental benefit, it was a lifestyle and she knew she would one day take that passion for barre to the next level.”

It all began when Orlee moved to Chesterton, IN with her family in 2012 and searched Northwest Indiana fruitlessly for a barre studio before turning up empty–handed. Orlee knew that rather than live without barre (impossible!), she needed to think of a more suitable alternative.  Orlee decided to combine her love of fitness, dance and entrepreneurship. After studying the technique more deeply and combining her training and knowledge of Pilates, ballet, and Stretch conditioning, Orlee formulated a challenging yet safe barre technique, modifiable for women in all stages of life.  She began teaching her specialized barre technique in local facilities and immediately had a following.  Inspired by not only her students who raved about the results from the technique but also her own mother’s strength and dedication to healthy living,  Mind Over Matter Method, M3 was born.  Mind Over Matter is the mantra used in every class and it was time to open her own studio, a place to inspire women to achieve not only a physical strength but also a mental strength; a toughness that carries beyond the barre into everyday life.

In January 2014, Orlee opened her own space formerly known as M.O.M.s {Mind Over Matter Studio}. As the studio grew and evolved to offer not only barre classes but also pilates, stretch and even carry designer fitness apparel and accessories, it was clear that a name change to go along with the evolution of the studio was required. With this evolution, as well as learning how the studio positively affected women beyond the studio walls, Barre + Beyond was born. Let us continue to help you “Be Your Better Self” at the Barre + Beyond!

Orlee Glazer, Owner, Founder
Barre + Beyond