Does Barre Get Easier?

Do you remember your first class? I do! For me it was memorable because my legs were shaking uncontrollably and I recall thinking to myself, “I thought I was in shape!”. Well, I was in shape but different shape. So when a new Barre + Beyond client asked if Barre ever gets any easier? Well the answer is no. I still shake, but now my workout is different. I get it.  In the beginning, I was just trying to figure out what position I was in or what was this tuck thing. I continued to ask myself, “Why are my legs shaking? Why can’t I do this?”  Even as I continued Barre, I still would shake and burn and stop when I had enough.  Then I realized it was all mental. I can do this.  So when coming up with the name of my barre technique, “mind over matter method” was perfect. Not only was my mind a big part of keeping a positive attitude throughout class, but also my mind was a big part in thinking more deeply about “how” I am moving my body; more specifically, how are my muscles working? Am I squeezing the correct muscle? Am I contracting and lengthening where I should be? Can I hold this position and breathe through it? So even if my muscles are still shaking years and years later, I am “working” in my class a different way. My body awareness is honed in to specifics and details.  For instance, instead of just a pulse in a thigh set, a big movement that feels good and goes with music , I now have  learned how to get a little deeper every time I take class.  My brain takes over and I connect my mind to my body and actually thinking about moving just one inch. I ask myself, “Can I get a little lower? Can I move more deliberately? Can I hold that low position one millisecond more?  There is always a way to challenge yourself and get even a different feeling than you did last month.  My goal for you is to fire up your mind!

So back to the question; “does Barre get easier?”  The answer is no but just different. The more you take class the deeper your connection you will build between your mind and your body. This body awareness is priceless and what sets our classes and teaching style apart from most gyms and other fitness techniques. So whether you call yourself a beginner or veteran, know that you can always challenge yourself and you will get a great workout if you put your mind to it!

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