B+B Team Top Picks!! – Shop Small!

Let me tell you a little secret about me; I love shopping! But here’s the thing about buying new clothes.  I require high quality,  soft material, great fit, and of course stylish.  So quality is important to me because I like pieces that I know I will love for a long time.  I’d rather spend a little extra money and know that it will last. Last week we had a conversation about boots. Rachel noticed that I’ve had the same boots ever since she has known me…yes over three years now!  I wear them from November through April every year and they still look great!  That shows you that when I buy something it has to be of good quality and some thing that will last.   The same goes for my workout apparel. Workout wear is no longer just “workout” wear.  We wear our leggings to barre, but then we wear them through out the day too; to work, to lounge, to run errands and even to go out! It is this idea of “athleisure wear” that we have brought to our studio for you and all of us in NWI. If it is something we wear all the time, it better be good quality and last. So I know our team gets excited when I bring in a new brown box; meaning we have new apparel hitting our boutique and I wanted to share with you some of their favorite items.


Master Instructor Elizabeth. Quick note… She just had a baby 7 weeks ago and looks just amazing! She is excited that we have our Alo Heat Wave Tank in the new hot color of the season, Hunter ( we also have Gravel). She wore this style tank throughout her pregnancy and is now adding to her collection. She loves how soft the material is as well as style. It is a higher scoop neck and great length too. She paired her Heat Wave tank with Alo’s popular entwine legging; a black legging that shows just enough skin so it is not like every black legging.  Oh and this time of year…let’s layer! She loves the new Slay Long Sleeve top that takes a sweatshirt to a new level with cut up sleeves!

Master Instructor Rachel is wearing her favorite top from Beyond Yoga.  Beyond yoga always has great material. She loves this tank because of the should cut. Don’t her arms look great! Rachel paired her black basic with Alo Goddess leggings. These leggings have the perfect waist band; not too high and not too low.  The stirrup makes anyone’s legs look long and Rachel loves that the goddess legging make her legs look way longer than they are!

Our newest instructor Kristina is flaunting her amazing physique in our newest line called Nux; the mother of the seamless legging. She gravitated straight to the Mesa legging that has the mineral dark and sky color in an asymmetric pattern. She paired her legging with the ladder tank, flowing, soft and super comfortable.

Front Desk Barre Beauties Melissa and Britt also wanted to share their favorite.  Melissa is also wearing Nux, the Dusk V- ankle pant that sold out in the fall in less than 2 days! How cool is the color? She paired hers also with the popular ladder tank! Smart girl! and lastly, Britt! Wow, look at those legs! She is wearing Alo High Waist Ultimate Legging! Those leggings are going to be hitting my closet! Yes please. She paired hers with the Be Your Better Self top that we have at the studio.

All of our apparel will be at our event on Saturday! 9-12. Classes are regular time but come and be prepared to try on, shop for you and anyone else!  Think quality, style and great fit!

Cheers for a great holiday season and thank you for shopping small, shopping local and shopping this Saturday!

Sharing Barre Love,



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