Isometrics. What?

Have you been wondering what “barre” is all about? You’ve heard the buzz and want to know why this is different then your gym workout? Well, the main idea behind the success of barre is the small tiny movements, called isometric contractions, or isometrics. The Wikipedia definition is: “Isometric exercise or isometrics are a type of strength training in which the

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Working With You; Not Against You.

Recently, I’ve had some of our Barre 100 Club+ ladies send me articles that they have found in various sports magazines about why Barre is good for athletes. One article was in Women’s Golf Journal and the other in Women’s Running Magazine. The articles spoke about the reasons why barre is so effective, and the benefits go way beyond creating

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Targeting Those Deep Abdominals

Flat abdominals for the Spring and Summer is the goal. But listen here;  studies have shown that crunches are not the way to get that six pack. Your six pack, your rectus abdominals is that top layer. However, it is rather the deepest layer of abdominals that create those flat abdominals; the transverse abdominals.  In addition, strong transverse abdominals means

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PART II of a 3 Part Blog Series on Pregnancy Modifications

This is the  Second Part of a Three Part blog series; Second Trimester Again, congratulations!! and Again, let me preface I am not a doctor by any means, and each day and trimester feels different, so take it one day at a time; if a modification isn’t working for you, stop doing the exercise and flag an instructor down, and she will

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Top 5 Reasons to Hold Your Pose

You have all seen me in class, usually the one who looks like they are convulsing during thighs. We all have experienced this seething, gut-wrenching, knife-stabbing, yet addictive burn during class. Amazingly enough, we all keep coming back. So, while we endure this body-changing burn, how can we be sure we are getting the most from each and every pose.

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Why Barre Out?

Two years ago, we added our outdoor barre class as an opportunity for new moms to get out, workout, and meet other moms with their babies in tow. Moms could bring their strollers, walk or run, and then lock the stroller and start their barre exercise by holding onto their  “Barre”.  Then Julie Bombacino, our 500 club member, reminded me that it

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