Client Spotlight- Lindsay Trout

On this Day of Love, I am so full of love to do our client spotlight on this loveliest barre beauty.  I cannot believe I have not done a client spotlight on her over these past 4 years.  She is not only the most beautiful person on the outside but most importantly on the inside.  Always with a smile on her face, always so gentle, always so kind, always funny/sarcastic!   Yes, we are talking about Lindsay Trout. What I love is Lindsay’s positive attitude. No matter what life throws at her, she is the one to look at the bright side and to look at the glass half full rather than half empty. She sets the example for so many on how to take life one step at a time.  During the day she is a teacher, the most important job there is.  Therefore, she is patient, inspirational and super fun. She is the best mom ever, best wife and and a great friend too. With Lindsay’s heart of gold, she gets involved in the community, winning the Dancing Like the Stars while raising the most money for Duneland YMCA.  No matter how busy she is, taking care of herself is just as important.  I am so proud to announce that Lindsay Trout has made it to 500 club!  You go girl. It was not a race! She is consistent. She comes to Barre consistently on the days that works for her and her family and it’s just a routine. She is showing her husband and her beautiful son and her friends that taking herself is just as important as anything else and her schedule. Help me congratulate Lindsay on her success and read more about her below. We love you!!


When did you first start coming to Barre + Beyond ( Mind Over Matter Method Barre Classes)?
I took my first class in May of 2014. My son just turned six weeks old and I was ready to get back to fitness.  I took a M.O.M.S on the Go (now called Barre Out) class where  could have Luke in the stroller while we walked and did barre moves using the stroller for support.
What got you “hooked” on Mind Over Matter Method Classes?
I loved the instructors.  They were all so kind and helpful.  The moves were hard at first but I started to see changes in my strength level pretty quickly.
Have you seen changes in your physique?
Definitely.  I used to teach fitness class 3-5 times a week before i had Luke. I was working super hard but didn’t feel like I was as strong as I should be.  After starting barre classes I noticed a big difference in how toned and tight I was.  I’m actually more fit now with barre than before I had a baby.
How often do you take class?
I try to go at least 3 times a week. In the summer I  able to get a lot more classes in.
Have you ever taken a barre class before Barre + Beyond?
No.  This was my first time trying barre.
Do you have any goals set for yourself in class?
I try to set mini goals all the time.  A big goal for me was push ups on my toes.  Now that I’ve mastered that, I’d like to try an advanced push up that really challenges me.
What would you tell someone that is hesitant to try a class?
I always tell people that there are modifications for every move. Every fitness level can have success because there are so many ways to modify the moves.
Cheers Lindsay! Thank you for sharing Barre Love from birthdays, to Couples Classes and every day!
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