Client Spotlight – Sue Stymiest

This kind spotlight is not about a barre beauty that is a 100 club member yet. Nor is she currently a VIP. But it is about a barre beauty who makes it happen; despite her busy work schedule.  When Sue comes to the studio,  I get very excited.  She has a positive energy about her, which I know is needed at 5:15 AM! As I  recall her first class, I see how much she has grown with us.  It was the beginner series that we offered in the beginning of January. She came with her daughter to test the waters. She hid in the back corner; worked hard, listened to corrections and smiled. She loved it! She came back to the next beginner series the following Saturday and the next one and started out slowly.  It was a perfect way to start, and I happily convinced her that she can definitely take any mixed level class. So she did and she has the confidence and it shows.   She now has a routine for herself coming to early morning classes as well as nights and weekends.   She makes it happen and is an inspiration for anyone.  Read below to find out more about Sue and her experience at Barre + Beyond.


When did you first start coming to Barre + Beyond ( Mind Over Matter Method Barre Classes)?


February 2017


What got you “hooked” on Mind Over Matter Method Classes?


I have always enjoyed strength training classes. These Mind over Matter Method classes work everything, especially the core. I like how we use tiny movements to tone and that there is stretching after you work each body part. and the instructors are AWESOME! They explain and demonstrate everything they are doing so it is easy to understand and follow. I was hooked from the first class.


Have you seen changes in your physique?


Yes! After about 2 months of going to classes at least 2 times a week, I dropped a size and could tell my clothes fitted differently , better.


How often do you take class?

 I try to make at least 2 classes a week but my goal is to attend 3 or 4. Life can sometimes get busy and I find myself putting my needs last, but I am trying to correct that because I really do feel good after exercise that it carries over to all the other things that I am doing.


Have you ever taken a barre class before Barre + Beyond?




Do you have any goals set for yourself in class?

 Yes, I always push myself to give 100% effort. I know you are probably thinking that’s a given but when I am tired or stressed I make myself focus on the 45 or 60 minute class and forget about everything else. It is easy to just go through the motions but I force myself to think about the muscles I am using and my form. It is my time to improve me and I cannot do that if I do not give 100%.



What would you tell someone that is hesitant to try a class?

Try a Saturday Morning Beginner Barre class. They are great classes because they are just short introductions to everything Barre & Beyond has to offer. I was able to get a feel for what I liked and the instructors were so great at explaining everything. I admit I was very nervous at first but I felt welcomed immediately and liked the classes right from the start. It has been a wonderful experience and I am so glad that I did it! Best decision I had ever made for myself!


SO ladies, there is a lot you can learn from Sue. As I always say, “You have to start somewhere”. Join us for beginner barre classes to start or just jump on in.

Cheers to Sue and congratulations on all your hard work!


Sharing Barre Love,





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