Client Spotlight- The Weaver Family

Jyll had first inquired about classes at Barre + Beyond over the summer. She had called when I was in Boston; yes I had answered phone calls as I usually do while away. She was interested in a semi-private class for her and her two older daughters after reading the Valpo magazine article last summer. She was intrigued about the article and how it is important to me to empower women, all women to be better and that we are positive,  open, and a no judgement zone.   She told me how she really wants to get moving. And so they did! We started with a “Buy One Get One Free” semi-private.  Even with their busy college schedules, work and home”, we managed to fit in two classes just for the three of them. They worked, had smiles on their faces and made it happen and started with beginner classes. They are a busy family, a large family, a family full of love and kindness and are always the ones to give. They helped me personally when I had felt like a chicken with my head cut off, back in October. They were there for me and I am eternally grateful.  And now I’m not sure what we would do without the Weaver girls in our studio. They love our challenges and I know they will love our new Barre All Excuses Winter Challenge” Hang the Beauty at the Barre” or rather try NOT to hang the beauty at the barre  challenge.  So Jyll, Adrienne, and Stepheny started off with just a semi private now these ladies are taking even two classes in a day!  I am so proud of them and happy to highlight their efforts. Family that sweat together stay together. Read here about about Mother Jyll and her amazing daughters Adrienne and Stepheny’s experience at our studio:

When did you first start coming to Barre + Beyond ( Mind Over Matter Method Barre Classes)?

Their first class was “a semi private class with Orlee on August 22nd”


What got you “hooked” on Mind Over Matter Method Classes?

Jyll:  It was hard, but a good hard! I remember very well how Orlee challenged me to just go for “8 more counts”…I loved the motivation…the feeling that someone believed in me…and that I actually am doing something for “myself”. I love the instructors here…each has a different approach and focus. No two classes are alike. I love that feeling when I can say “wow, I couldn’t do that last week!” That is really what got me hooked seeing the strength that comes with each class even though it never gets any easier. I also remember my girls and I coming home and talking for 45 min about why we loved this type of workout and how hard it was, but also how much fun we had.”

Adrienne: There was no judgment in your appearance or what you were able to do. The instructors are very encouraging!

Stepheny:  I was hooked after my first class! It was definitely challenging, but I felt so good afterwards. I think that is what “hooked” me. I felt motivated and ready to move after taking that first class. I knew this was something I wanted to continue doing. Also, the instructors were so motivating and encouraging. Everything about it felt good!


Have you seen changes in your physique?

Jyll: Most definitely! I see some areas shaping up and some other areas I am losing inches and things are becoming a little more loose. I know it takes time and I am willing to work it out and wait it out to where I personally want to be.

Adrienne: Yes, small ones and I feel a lot more confident in myself and I can keep my balance a lot better.

Stepheny:  Definitely! I’ve noticed a few inches have come off, even after only taking class for a short time. I’ve also gotten a lot stronger physically and can tell even when I’m out doing everyday tasks.


How often do you take class?

Jyll:  In September I took the challenge to come to 3 classes a week. In October and November, I have challenged myself to 4 classes per week and some of those weeks I did 5…yea!!

Adrienne: Because I am a full-time college student and working and participating in the VU orchestra, I can only take one to two classes per week. My mom and sister make sure I do that!

Stepheny: I currently take 3-4 classes a week. I love getting to see my Barre family in my classes that I take regularly.


Have you ever taken a barre class before Barre + Beyond?

Jyll:  No…truth is we (my daughter’s and I) have tried to do many things at home with videos and challenges to ourselves but could never follow through. When I saw this ad for Barre + Beyond and researched through google, facebook, and the blog, I knew that we could totally do this together!

Adrienne: No

Stepheny:  I had never taken a Barre class before and had no idea what I was in for when I first started!


Do you have any goals set for yourself in class?

Jyll: Yes, I want to eventually be able to take some of the more challenging classes like the T Barre X and the Barre Fusion. I would LOVE to be able to take less breaks and use less modifications. And maybe…just maybe…be an instructor someday…yikes!

Adrienne: Yes, I would like to do T Barre X and attend more classes per week

Stepheny:  My goals are always different depending on which class I’m taking. Sometimes it’s something as simple as getting both feet off the ground, or planking without taking a break. I’m always working on getting stronger too.


What would you tell someone that is hesitant to try a class?

Jyll:  You have to try it once…you will be hooked!! If I can do this, anyone can…Since we started as two semi-privates with Orlee, I was nervous to go into a beginner class with other people, but I was so glad I did! There are modifications for everyone no matter what level you are and what your weakness might be. The ladies that participate in these classes are like no other I have ever worked out with. Each class I meet new people and we all have a way of encouraging each other. We laugh a lot, moan a lot, and can’t wait to come back and do it again. No two classes/instructors are the same. It is a challenge EVERY time you come! I have noticed (as well as others) that my posture has gotten better, my attitude is more positive, and I am so much stronger (both mentally and physically). This is something you can do for your self! This is a great way to reward yourself with your own goals without the judgment factor. Every one is challenging themselves and there is no competition between each other.

Adrienne: Oh, please don’t worry about it, if I can do it, you can do it!” It’s totally awesome. There is nothing to worry about you set your own goals and when you accomplish them you feel so much better that you want to come again and again!

Stepheny: I would tell them that they have to try it at least once before they decide it’s not for them. I’m telling you, once you get in the class, you will be surrounded by positive people who will struggle just as much as you, and encouraging and motivating instructors! I’ve had and love every single instructor at Barre + Beyond Studio… they each bring something special and different to class. And don’t worry about being perfect! It’s a work in progress, and there are plenty of modifications to fit you personally! Just try it! You’ll fall in love!


Yes, we always say, anyone can do this. We stress that we can modify anything. Thank you to the Weaver family for trying us out, believing in us and making our studio a brighter place. We love your positive energy, your wlecoming nature, your laughs and your friendship!

Cheers to this holiday season with your family!

Sharing Barre Love,


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