Don’t Judge + We Won’t Either = Invest in Yourself

Maybe 10 years ago, I “joined” a gym.  A bunch of girls that I worked with and I, decided we were going to workout and “get in shape for the new year.” We picked a gym near work, went in and quickly joined. I signed the papers of this huge facility, at a crazy low rate of $24.99 a month and did not even think the 3 year commitment was a big deal because it was so cheap. So let me tell you how this went. One afternoon, after work, I decided to go. I struggled to find parking, finally walked in and had no idea what to do. I went to the treadmill and struggled getting it setup. I couldn’t figure out my music and everyone was so “into” themselves that I didn’t even ask for help. I think I pretended to walk around as if I knew where I was going. I fooled around with some weight machine.  The place was so huge and I just left. Even when I went with my girlfriends, I was so lost and nothing was effective. Over 3 years, I went maybe 10 times.  Bust! So after this phase, I found the local barre studio in Baltimore. They had two ideas; pay for packages of classes and the unlimited, similar to what we have at our studio; “Pay as You Go” and “Let’s Get Serious”. So you probably all think, I was an unlimited-girl. Nope. I was a package girl. With a new baby, and a crazy real estate schedule, I went to class when I could and fit it in; usually 2-3 times a week maybe 4. It was pricey but realize that at the age of 30, I needed to invest in yourself and my health; that “cheap” is not the way to go and you get what you pay for.

“I read in an article last year that statistically, barre is the type of workout people are willing to pay higher prices for AND travel the furthest to go to. “

Why? Well, first off, we would never lock you in to a 3 year commitment. At $25/month, you get what you pay for. Here, at Barre + Beyond, we know each one of you by name (or at least make that a priority), we try to remember your modifications and think of YOU when we teach a class. We want you to get the most out of your workout and that type of attention, actually, personal attention, is like personal training. So whether you are trying to get stronger, love the burn, need to rehab a hurt muscle, we are here for you and it is worth it. Don’t lock into a 3 year commitment, or even a 3 month commitment, until you have tried at least 5 classes. The first class is your test run. The second class allows you to understand the flow so you can work a little deeper. By class 5-10, things start to click and hopefully you have found a schedule that works for you. We offer discounted classes as you get started including beginner barre and new client specials. We offer “barre progressives”; 20 minute samplers of all of our classes; think of it as sample Sunday!  We offer a $99 new client unlimited too. So there are plenty of chances to see that you are not just joining a “gym” and really I prefer we don’t even say “Join” because you don’t have to sign a commitment. We are open, flexible and we have a package that will fit your needs. On top of that, it is  almost one on one attention which means effectiveness.  If you have a friend or maybe it is you, that has heard good things but is scared to or think it is too pricey, think again. You can try our first class special with the friendliest warm group of ladies out there. No judgement zone.  Always check out our website or call for specials. We always have a lunch express which is a $10 drop-in. Don’t be fooled! This 35 minute class is just as effective as an hour class. We have evening drop-ins and early morning drop-ins. These rates are always discounted. We have specials for students and 65+.  Soon we will be calling all brides for a special for you too!  Just call us at 219-476-7 7117 for the latest discounts.  So as you get through this holiday season and set goals for yourself, check us out. Don’t judge and we won’t either.

Sharing Barre Love this Holiday Season and Always!

Orlee and Team

Barre + Beyond is a boutique fitness studio created with a goal to inspire all women of all ages and fitness levels to challenge their bodies and minds, while forging bonds and friendships to help achieve their fitness goals.