Barre + Beyond is a boutique fitness studio specializing in Mind Over Matter Method, known as M3, a signature barre technique formulated for all stages of a female’s life.  This challenging yet safe total body workout melds the best from Ballet, Pilates and Stretch Conditioning  to increase strength and flexibility.  Set to upbeat music, the hour long class utilizes the ballet Barre, mats, light weights and balls to strengthen the upper body, sculpt the thighs, lift the seat and flatten the abdominals.  All exercises are modifiable for every fitness levels to include specialized isometric movements coupled with complementary stretches to be safe and effective in building long lean muscles. Class always ends with a final full body stretch to leave you with a sculpted body and strong mind! As we always say Be Your Better Self at the Barre + Beyond!

Each series of exercises integrates isometric movements to strengthen specific muscles groups with complementary stretches to elongate the worked muscles. The end result is core strength, muscle power, better posture, increase flexibility and of course the lean M3 Barre physique.

We suggest clients visit 3–5 times per week to see the most dramatic change in their figure and be able to maintain the long lean physique.  The more often you come to class, the better & more compounded results you will see.  Calorie expenditure is directly related to the percent of lean muscle mass in your body, therefore the more lean muscle mass you build, the more calories you will burn in class. That long lean physique will keep you burning all day long! Pair M.O.M.s Method exercise routine with a healthy diet and you will absolutely see results.

You have to start somewhere! We are all beginners at some point and are improving every day. M3 Barre classes are designed to accommodate anyone at any fitness level, no experience required! Our atmosphere is supportive and non–competitive – we realize that everyone has different limits and abilities, so we want you to get exactly what you want out of class: and always live by our mind over matter mantra!

Our instructors have been trained to give modifications, variations and challenges throughout class to help you customize your workout to make it exactly what you need.  Form is a very important element to Mind Over Matter Method, so our instructors will continually correct not only to prevent injury but also so that you receive the greatest benefit from each exercise. It’s like getting a personal trainer for half the cost!

You won’t know unless you try!, but are confident that you will love it. At Barre+ Beyond, our Mind Over Matter Method is for anyone, including you!  Since the class is a non-impact workout, using the body’s own weight to isolate and strengthen muscles, a M3 Barre class is perfect for any age group. M3 Barre will not only sculpt and tone the body into that long lean physique that we all crave but it will also help protect bone health and even reverse age-related muscle loss that may begin in your 30’s.  In addition, the “barre tuck” is a signature move for strengthening the pelvic floor and lower abdominals, a key component to positive female health.   Lastly, the Team is highly trained to offer modifications to accommodate any fitness level, injury recovery and stage of life.

You just need to bring yourself and a great attitude! We will provide you with all of the equipment needed (mat, bands, light hand weights, and small exercise balls)

We suggest wearing comfortable clothing that is easy to move in but nothing too loose fitting.  Our instructors need to check your form and alignment throughout class for you to receive the best results.  To help your muscles stay warm to increase flexibility as well as prevent injury, we also suggest wearing longer pants or capris instead of shorts.

We ask that you wear socks in class to avoid slipping and help your positioning (it also makes for a much more sanitary studio).  We have specialized grippy socks available for purchase in the studio as we have seen regular socks can cause additional slipping. We want you focused on the burn in your bum, not on trying not to slip.

Always consult a physician first, but Mind Over Matter Method is great for pregnancy! M3 Barre is truly formulated for all stages a female’s life, including pregnancy.  There are modifications in place for all trimesters, even up into the end of the third trimester, where we recommend sitting in a chair for many exercises.  Always listen to your body and please talk to the instructor prior to class to discuss modifications. We are here to keep you healthy throughout pregnancy and give you strength for your delivery.

Absolutely not, but if you do great! While our classes certainly have a dance influence- exercises taken from the ballet barre routine and driven by the music – there is no choreography, and our instructors will guide you through the movements. In addition, our instructors are trained to correct form and provide variations and modifications for all levels.