Barre + Beyond In the News!

Barre + Beyond (formerly M.O.M.S. Method) has been featured in many news and media outlets. See the links below to read all about it!

 SEPTEMBER 2014  |  Chesterton Tribune  |  Stretch Workshop

“The Mind Over Matter Studio Method (M.O.M.S. Method), NWI’s first barre fitness studio, will hold a workshop on Wednesday, Oct. 1, to educate the local community about the mental and physical benefits of stretching.”


SUMMER 2014  |  Duneland Today  |  Meet you at the Barre

“With Orlee and her new barre studio, something phenomenal has come to Duneland.”

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MAY 2014  |  Sand Creek Magazine  |  Business Beat

“M.O.M.s Method just opened on January 14th of this year. They offer a signature fitness technique melding the best from ballet, Pilates and barre formulated for all stages of a female’s life.”

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MARCH 2014  |  NWI Times Small Business Spotlight  |  MOMS Method

“I want to offer something for women that they need throughout their pregnancies: strengthening the pelvic floor, upper body, hips and bones,” she said. “As women get older, they lose muscle. This is really developing muscles similar to yoga and helping reverse the signs of osteoporosis. The small little isometric movements burn out the muscle and lengthen it.”

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MARCH/APRIL 2014  |  NWI Times Get Healthy Magazine  |  Barre Fitness: A  Ballet-Inspired Workout

Glazer explains, “M.O.M.S Method is a technique that I’ve formulated that combines the best from ballet, Pilates, and barre with stretching and conditioning.”

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JANUARY 2014  |  Post-Tribune  |  MOMS Method fitness opens in Chesterton

“The core of barre is taking strengthening exercises, adding lengthening movements and combining them with a barre to help support and provide stability while engaged in the exercise.”

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JANUARY 2014  |  NWI Times  |  MOMS Method Barre Studio

“Orlee Glazer opened M.O.M.S. Method barre studio in Chesterton. The studio focuses on a total body workout using stretching, pilates and classic ballet barre techniques.”

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