Team B+B Spotlight- Rachel

Where do I start? We LOVE Rachel! She came to us  ready to start teaching shortly after moving to the area and having her first son John.  She was excited, motivated and “motivating” as I spoke to her. When I asked how old John was; “Two Weeks!” she said.  WOW! Yup, she is just as excited and ready to go every day with us as she was three years ago.  After three years with this Barre Beauty, she has brought so much to our family personally, to our studio and to our team. She is knowledgable; she is real; she is sensitive; she is loving. It is always fun to take her class and she will always have us laughing hysterically, working our core in one more way!  What I love about Rachel is her positivity and her love of life. She embraces what life is and lives life to the fullest.  As a team member, I cannot be more thankful to have her part of our team, bringing us new ideas, new ways to analyze our small isometric movements, new ways to grow and be better everyday. She is not only our master instructor, meaning she helps advance our technique as we grow and learn, but she helps  train our newest instructors-in-training. She has great ideas and is bringing so much happiness to our Barre + Beyond. I just can’t believe it’s been three years and am honored to have her as our Team spotlight this quarter!


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When did you start teaching at Barre + Beyond?

I started teaching at B+B three years ago. We were moving back to NWI from Chicago after having our first son John. I was teaching at a barre studio in Chicago and loved it, but was disappointed about moving because I thought there weren’t any barre studios. I began searching for a studio and found B + B. A week after my son was born Orlee and I met at the studio and the rest was history!

What do you love about the barre workout?

The thing I’m absolutely in love/hate about barre is that it never gets easier. You all know what I’m talking about….you say to your self while your muscles feel like they are being lit on fire, why do I do this?  But somehow we keep coming back for more! I love it! It’s challenging not only mentally but physically!

What is your favorite class to teach?

My ultimate favorite class to teach is core fusion….if you’ve taken any of my classes you know I LOVE to work the core. It’s the powerhouse of the body and as women it’s the number one place we need to work, but is usually the weakest.

What is the most memorable day at the barre?

My most memorable day at barre is any day I understand a position in a deeper way. I have these a-ha moments all the time….they change the way I not only take a class, but it enables me to give my students a deeper understanding and hopefully gives them the same understanding in their own bodies.

How has life at barre affected your life outside of barre?

I think barre has given me strength to birth babies, recover stronger, and give my energy built at barre to my three guys at home. I’m able to run a house, hang with two young boys at home, and sometimes and only sometimes be a good wife!

If someone takes your class, what should they expect?

When you take my class you can expect that your form with be critiqued and perfected. I firmly believe it’s not about you taking the hardest challenges I give or doing the most reps, but about keeping perfect form. You can do 50 incorrect reps of an exercise and hardly see results, or you can do 10 reps correctly and see amazing results

What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty please is ANYTHING salty! I love chips! And by love I mean eat the whole bag and yell at my husband because I’ve eaten them so fast I swear it wasn’t me who ate them!

What do you do for fun?

In my free time I love experiencing new things with my sons and husband! Whether it be our most recent experience of going to a Cubs game with my three year old son John, or trying a new restaurant or wine with my husband, or watching my youngest son Jack’s , who’s two months old, face light up when he sees me for the first time across the room. These things are, as a mom and wife, I live for. It’s all I’ve ever dreamed about growing up, and it’s pretty amazing that I get to be living out my dream everyday…not too many people get to truly say that.


Well, join Rachel every week, our beginner Barre Workshops on Saturdays and her new class time starting in July at  11:15 with her favorite Core Fusion Lunch Class.

This Saturday, her Band Workshop will be awesome. Join us!

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