Team Studio Spotlight- KELLY

I am so glad to do a studio spotlight on this barre beauty today. I can remember the day she came into the studio; with her family as support, ready to try something new. She had her hair pulled back with a headband, stood in the right side of the studio and I got my first glimpse of hardworking Kelly. She loved it! Of course! Kelly started as a client who had her specific schedule; Monday, Wednesday  and Friday every week. She was determined to make a change for herself and joined our healthy clean eating challenge in the new year. She learned a lot about herself, and I learned even more when training Kelly.  She is quiet and reserved at first, but the more you get to know Kelly,  the more you learn that she is a fierce go-getter.  She took training more seriously than I could imagine and proved to me that she would be such an asset to the team. She took notes, studied extra at home, came with questions and was ready for each training session.  Throughout  her training, she was extremely meticulous and learned every little detail about our bodies; her body, her muscles, her mind  and the power of our mind.   That power of the mind and the body is what stands out in Kelly’s teaching style, helping clients get deeper and understand more. As a person, I love Kelly too. She’s extremely thoughtful and it translates and how she is as a team member and a friend. We are so happy to welcome your little one and so excited to have you back in the studio. Congratulations on growing your family and we are so happy you are part of our barre family. Thank you for all you do! You are appreciated Kelly! Read more about Kelly here:


Studio team spotlight – KELLY 


When did you start teaching at Barre + Beyond?

I started teaching January 2016.


What do you love about the barre workout?

I love so many things about barre! I love that it is easy on the joints (I have bad knees and a leg injury that required surgery), but tough on my muscles! I still can’t believe I have longer and leaner muscles from when I started taking barre. I love that there are modifications for everything, so I can still work out on an achy joint day. Because of the modifications, I was able to keep up with barre during my entire pregnancy. (I have to say it helped me so much during labor!) I love that every day is a challenge and is different, so boredom is never an issue. It also helps me clear my mind and become stronger, both physically and mentally.


Favorite class to teach?

I love teaching all my classes but I think my favorite class to teach is probably express. I love different combinations of workouts to get that burn in at a 45 (or 35) minute class.


Most memorable day at the barre?

When I started taking classes, I had very little core strength, and found myself going through the motions during core work since I couldn’t do much else. Our fabulous instructors told me to keep at it, envision it and it will come. I totally had an “aha” moment one day when I actually felt some abdominal muscles doing what we were supposed to be doing! It was so exciting!!! I often look back at that day and moment and remind myself about the hard work and exciting results.


How has life at barre affected your life outside of barre?

Barre has inspired me to take better care of myself. Years ago, I noticed that my food choices affected my energy level, as well as my attitude. I started eating better on barre days and was amazed at how awesome I felt. Eventually I did the clean eating challenge with the studio and here I am: I lost a lot of weight; I have long, lean muscles; I feel better both mentally and physically. I’m happy!!!



If someone takes your class, what should they expect?

Oh, you’ll burn and shake! Haha! I think you’ll find my classes energizing and motivating with a mix of encouragement and instruction. I try to make a point to really explain what we’re doing, what the specific body movement should be and maybe some helpful cues to get deeper. Oh, and a random 80s and 90s throwback song or two!


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Macaroons. I can’t help myself, I got hooked when my mom brought me some from Paris. There’s an amazing place in Valpo that makes them just like that.


What do you do for fun?

When I’m not at the barre studio, I love to stay busy. If I’m at home, I’m gardening or spending time playing with our pets. I love to go hiking at the Dunes and camping/backpacking all over the place. Now that we have a son, hubby and I get to share all our adventures with him. Thankfully, the little guy likes to be outside too!








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