Thankful for…

Our team has been sharing what they are thankful for this year.  Each spoke about big things and little things; from mash potatoes and babies sleeping, to new members of families, babies and dogs, opportunities to grow and our barre family. Now it is my turn. I too am thankful for my family, my home, the team, and our barre family.  One more item on the list is  health and I would like to take this idea of “health” one step further. I am thankful for my body, not just “health”. Rather I am thankful for a healthy body and one that is able to do what I can do. But you may be thinking; my hips hurt, my back aches, my knees don’t bend. Well, what I love about all of you, is that you prove that no matter the ailment you care about your bodies; you are extremely motivated; you are showing yourself gratitude for what you do have.  Now that is special.  We all have beautiful bodies and different ones. Not a single person in class is the same and that is what we should be thankful for. We are  special and unique and with each of our individuality come quirks too. Everyday we should be thankful for our bodies and whatever aches come with it.  Trying to work with what we have takes patience and skill and truly, it is our responsibility  to take care of our bodies and to be thankful for what it is we do have. So no matter how you are feeling, no matter where you are physically, continue to be thankful and work within your own body. It is different for everyone and there is never any judgement. So today, on Thanksgiving, be thankful and show your body you are thankful. Happy Planksgiving everyone!

As always Sharing Barre Love,


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