I had a different blog planned for today but this topic is more important right now to keep you burning at the barre.

Our mission statement reiterated; to empower women to be strong; to be strong not just physically but also be strong mentally and taking that strength from the studio into their daily lives. I hear many of say that the studio is your  “happy place”. It IS a happy place. It is a safe place. It’s a place to be yourself. It is a place to try new things and even if it is a struggle one day and even the next, you come back to try again and keep working. All our sayings on the wall are to create positive energy. So here is my goal for you today; for the next week; for the rest of the summer and rest of the year.


  1. Know that your instructors are your friends and are here to help you. We all have ailments… knees, backs, aches and pains, hidden issues/diseases that nobody knows by looking at us… well, your instructors are here to help you through whatever it is. Before and after class is a great time to talk to an instructor and ask for modifications. Be smart and come early to give you time to speak with an instructor and let them know how you are feeling today…and we will be happy to give you modifications. At anytime during class, take a break if you need to. “Take a break and come back stronger”; Take a child’s pose; Take a modification; But please keep working so that you can make the most out of your class time. Again, I reiterate that after class is a great time to talk to the instructor. We are here to help you get strong
  2.   Say YES I CAN. If you say you “can’t”, well, guess what…your mind will tell your body that      you can’t. So this next class, find a way to say that you can.  Tell yourself, whether out loud or in your head, that you can do something. Close your eyes, and envision your body doing that plank or that weird new pretzel move. Your body will follow. Humor me and stay positive. Tell yourself YES I CAN. No excuses.
  3. Lastly, put a smile on your face. Try it. Right before you feel like your legs are going to collapse, smile, and guess what that positive energy will give you the strength to finish out another 8 counts. Plus that smile is contagious and makes class more enjoyable for yourself and those around you

Remember, these are group classes and we are here to keep a positive vibe throughout our class.

Be Strong. Be positive. Be Happy. Be You.


Cheers to my top 3 MIND OVER MATTER STEPS!


Sharing Barre Love,


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