My Top Three Gifts!! – FREE ONES!

This time of year we celebrate being with loved ones and with that, comes all of the presents! It can be stressful but some of you are ahead of the shopping and already have your gifts.  And of you are not, we definitely have gift ideas! I am posting them every day, so follow us on social media for the S’well bottles, Hanky Panky, underwear and more ideas! So instead of going over the usual “gift ideas”,  let’s think more about what you do at the studio; sharing barre love;  sharing the gift of health; sharing the fact that you really care.  Our studio is always open; not physically but in our heart! We are a family, a true community of strong women. With the passing of Elizabeth’s father, I know that Elizabeth and her family are touched by all of the love that you share and that you feel for her. She has always given so much to all of us and it is our turn to get right back. So I want to take this week’s blog as an opportunity to tell you my top three barre + Beyond gifts!

  1. Use your buddy pass and get someone to come with you! Then go out for coffee, or get your nails done. Spend that time together!
  2. Send a card or even just a text message or phone call just to say that you are thinking about them this holiday season.
  3. Smile! Spend the time with those that you love and care about and don’t worry about all the millions of people who have sent you cards; a phone call is just as good if not better!

In general, instead of all the craziness, I want you to focus! Focus on your health.  Focus on your loved ones and share barre love this holiday.

Cheers to all and again thank you to all for sharing barre love this week and always,



Barre + Beyond is a boutique fitness studio created with a goal to inspire all women of all ages and fitness levels to challenge their bodies and minds, while forging bonds and friendships to help achieve their fitness goals.