Working With You; Not Against You.

Recently, I’ve had some of our Barre 100 Club+ ladies send me articles that they have found in various sports magazines about why Barre is good for athletes. One article was in Women’s Golf Journal and the other in Women’s Running Magazine. The articles spoke about the reasons why barre is so effective, and the benefits go way beyond creating the physique that women want. It is more about the strength and the rehabilitative nature of the workout. So, in case you don’t know the history of this workout called “Barre” here is my shortened version.

Barre is not a “New” form of exercise, or a new fad, although it seems new to us here in NWI. It is actually far from “New”. It started in the 60’s by a dancer, Lotte Berk. She injured her back and came up with the idea of combining her rehabilitative exercise from her therapist and her ballet barre training; creating the Lotte Berk Method. She continued to grow in popularity with celebrities, such as Madonna and Kelly Ripka and her method was known as a workout that was not only fun but also extremely effective in creating a dancer’s lean body. Over the years, there are many versions of barre and many put their own twist to create their own method.  It has grown in popularity with public and now a very high demand workout.

Over 5 years ago, when looking around at different training programs for barre, I realized that my dance training was superior to all the others. I danced with the best of the best, at American Ballet Theatre, School of American Ballet and of course my hometown school, Maryland Youth Ballet (MYB). At MYB, my teachers focused on form, technique and “healthy” dancing, so that we could grow to be dancers without numerous injuries. My 90 year old dance teacher is proof that proper technique, form and deliberate execution of movement is key. So I formulated my own technique, creating Mind Over Matter Method; the method that makes sure form is first; my technique that takes natural body alignment and works within your own body’s capabilities. We will never force you to do moves that don’t feel right. Always remember that you know your body best and work within its own limits. On a side note, we want you to try new things and work hard and smart. We are here to help you build strength and work in a rehabilitative way, just as Lotte Berk did many years ago.

So whether you are an athlete, runner, golfer, swimmer, dancer, or just someone looking to get in shape, know that barre is a workout that will work with you, not against you. Stay tuned for Work it Wednesday focusing on form throughout the month of August.

Let’s work it at the Barre!

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