Your “Better” Self?

“Be your better self”. It’s one of our tag lines on our new cute cold shoulder tops. Of course, the shirt and the saying, goes beautifully with our other tagline on our new leggings; “mind over matter”. But today, I want to focus on “Be Your Better Self.”  What does that mean to you? Let’s break it down and what is my intention with these 4 short words. We will start with “be”; be just be who you are. Be beautiful. Be strong. Be positive. Just be you. You are accepted as you are. There is no need to pretend. So here is why “better” and not “best” is used. As children, we hear “do your best”. Well, reality is, you cannot always give 100%. Let’s take this to our workout regimine. Exercising every day, eating clean every day, not cheating… well, it will catch up with you. So my goal for you is to build on each day. It’s not a race nor a competition. It’s about you.

“You don’t always have to do your best but just to be better than you were yesterday.”

These small goals, baby steps, are the ones that will get us to the big goal and to the results that will last in the long run. So let’s make sure you don’t crash and burn but actually achieve your goals for the long term.
1. Set the big picture goal.  Have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish; how you want to feel; and how you want to live every day.
2. Don’t jump right in. For example, you want to start eating clean…don;t just cut out everything all in one day!
3. Set small goals. Set goals each day that will lead the the big one. Think logically and realistically.
4. Be dedicated. So again, its not abut being perfect but just trying. Find  committment and dedication to get to the point where your schedule and your choices become a “habit”.
5. Build on your choices every day. If you take small steps, the dedication you needed in number 4 will be less because that choice will just be a good habit.
6. Just try to be better. No need to be perfect.
7. Put a smile on your face and go for it.


Ladies, we all have our ups and downs so just try to be your better self every day.


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